The Livingstone House charity bed is for people who cannot get local authority funding or cannot afford to pay for treatment.


To be eligible for the charity bed, you need to be in receipt of ESA. This partially funds your programme whilst in treatment.

Given that it is a charity bed placement, there is a long waiting list for the beds. You will need to be prepared for up to a six month wait. If you have an urgent need, you would need to consider our other options.

Admission will be granted following assessment by staff at Livingstone House with follow up care planning as required.

Occupancy will be under the proviso that the Service User fully engages in the treatment programme and observes the terms of the Individual Service User Contract.

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Termination of the contract will be either :
  1. At the end of the agreed treatment term.
  2. By the Service User giving notification to leave against staff advice.
  3. The Service User being discharged due to contravention of their terms of Contract.

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