Livingstone Sanctuary is a 3 storey building in the Heart of Birmingham which is the secondary unit for Livingstone House.

Livingstone Sanctuary

It is immediately opposite Livingstone House and staffed 24 hours a day. On completion of a Service Users time at Livingstone House they move to the Sanctuary. Here Service Users focus on their core issues such as guilt, shame, anger, anxiety etc and work in more depth around these issues with the assistance of group therapy, 1 to 1 counselling, peer and staff support. Livingstone House actively encourages service users to complete a comprehensive Step 4 and 5 whilst at the Sanctuary and address their core issues which will then give them a more complete appreciation of the impact that their addictive behaviour has had upon them and their loved ones. On completion of Service Users stay at Livingstone Sanctuary which is usually 3 months, Service Users then move to Livingstone Lodge.


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