Here you will find useful information prior to coming into treatment.

Click the link for the PDF document download. If you do not have a PDF reader you can get it HERE.

FAQ 1 - How can you help me?
The simple answer is that if you have made the decision to change, we can support that process with medical, residential, pastoral and counselling therapies. It’s not an easy decision to make – and this is no holiday camp.

We know that this programme works. Many men are now living happy, fulfilling lives – with wives, families and careers – and are COMPLETELY drug and alcohol free, because of their commitment to living by the rules and programme of Livingstone House.

YOU make the decision to change…WE help you along the journey to recovery. It’s a partnership between us and you.

FAQ 2 - What are the rules?
Due to their considerable experience within this field, the staff team have developed a number of rules, responsibilities and expectations which you are asked to observe for the duration of your stay. Compliance with these will help both the staff, and you, to make the most of your time here and will help to prevent difficulties from arising. If, at any time, you have questions, please ask either a member of staff on duty for assistance. They will be happy to help you.


1. No drinking, taking drugs, pills or any mood altering substances, on or off the premises.

2. No sexual/special relationships as this can have a detrimental effect on the treatment process.

3. No threats of violence, acts of aggression or intimidating behaviour.

A comprehensive copy of the Rules, Responsibilities and Expectations will be given to you on admission. Violation of any of the above may result in your automatic discharge from Livingstone House Treatment Centre.

If you take self-discharge or violate the rules resulting in automatic discharge, no refunds will be given. There is a  10% deposit required prior to admission and should the admission be cancelled at short notice, it will be forfeited. 

House Expectations

The primary expectation of the Treatment Team is that you are choosing to enter into this treatment opportunity and are committed to engaging with this form of structured service and accept the restrictions that are in place to protect you in order to provide appropriate treatment and rehabilitation.

The following activities must be attended as scheduled:

  • Group Therapy and House Groups
  • Meals
  • Lectures and Workshops
  • Church Attendance
  • NA/AA/CODA/OA Meetings
  • All other therapeutic activities

You are expected to form open relationships with all members of Livingstone House and not to become part of a clique.

No visitors are allowed into bedrooms, other than those sharing dormitories with you.

You are required to be neatly and appropriately dressed. Laundry facilities are provided.

Use of Telephone – Telephone calls are received during the hours of 6pm and 7pm on a Tuesday evening, following the 6 week rule. Please be aware that this phone is for the use of all Service Users and as a result there is a time restriction. Service Users in Secondary care may have access to their own mobile telephones at more flexible time intervals but they too are subject to certain expectations. (See Rules, Responsibilities and Expectations)

Please be careful over what you say on the telephone – discussing your peers and their issues is NOT APPROPRIATE.

Service Users are asked to remain in the communal areas during the hours of 9.30 am and 5 pm unless given permission to spend time in dormitories. Please do not spend time in you bedroom during the day, you should be otherwise occupied.

Personal vehicles cannot be parked at Livingstone House during your stay. Please make other arrangements for getting to Livingstone House on your day of admission.

Terms & Conditions

PDF: Livingstone House Rules
PDF: Conditions of Residence

FAQ 3 - Where will I live?
We have three residential units, all in the Central Birmingham area. We take referrals from people across the United Kingdom, so you do not have to live locally to be able to utilise our service.

Our homes are warm, clean and comfortable. They are normal, family homes, offering shared accommodation in bedrooms that you will share with other service users. As well as the bedrooms, we have communal living areas which include a lounge, dining room, kitchen and gardens. Everyone gets involved with housekeeping and you are expected to keep yourself, your room and the home clean and tidy. The staff have separate accommodations within the property, which are private and not accessible to residents.

FAQ 4 - What will I do?
We have a full programme, which includes counselling sessions, treatment, consultations with medical staff, pastoral care and complementary therapies. The days are structured, you will know what you are doing each day and you are obliged to attend the sessions as advised to you.

Your family are allowed to visit you (please see Families/Visiting page for details) and, subject to your progress, you will be allowed to go out with your family and friends when they visit you. There are strict rules and curfew’s to which you must adhere. They are part of the treatment programme and are there to help you in your recovery.
Livingstone House Timetable
Livingstone Sanctuary Timetable

FAQ 5 - How long do I stay?
Livingstone House should not be regarded as a ‘quick fix’. it took you a long time to get into this situation, so you’re not going to be able to change your life in a week! But, you’ll find the time goes quite quickly. There’s always something going on, all of which are positive steps in the right direction.

Everyone is different, but think in terms of months, rather than days. Your life is worth this commitment.

FAQ 6 - How do I refer myself?
You can be referred by a healthcare professional or GP…or you can simply call us yourself and we will make an initial assessment over the phone. If you fulfil our criteria, we will invite you to come to us on a specific day and time. You MUST attend when we tell you, or you may lose your place with us. When you come to Livingstone House, bring your clothes and personal items with you, for your stay. DO NOT bring weapons, knives, drugs or alcohol. Anyone found in possession of these items will be asked to leave and lose their place.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets and you cannot leave your own vehicle at the homes…so public transport or a lift from a friend or family member are better options.
Your stay with us covers accommodation, bills and food. Dependent on your circumstances, your stay can be privately funded, or may be eligible for funding by the local authority. Please call us and we can advise.
Livingstone House Application Form

FAQ 7 - What do I bring into treatment ?
Many of our clients come to us in a time of crisis. The last thing you want to be worrying about is if you have packed the right things to bring with you. Below is a suggested list of items you may want to pack, as well as a list of things that will not be permitted.
What to Bring